Training and research

Each CMI is supported by internationally renowned research labs, strongly interacting with their economic sector, from large worldwide companies to small innovative SMEs.

The student-lab interaction is much more important than the usual one experienced by master students. Already starting in the first year by lab visits, this is followed by projects leading to more and more immersion within labs (report based on bibliography, research study, training period, seminars, access to platforms or fablabs, …). Each student will discover the virtue of research activities: curiosity, scientific rigor and ethics, tenacity, capacity to handle multidimensional issues, team work. Access to the research lab partners at the local, national and international levels will bring a broad overview of the economic sector to the students to secure their future professional insertion.

CMI students are better prepared for the 21st century society due to their increased capacity to innovate and create. CMI students are also well prepared for research and can enrol in doctoral studies after graduation.


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