The FIGURE network

FIGURE is the acronym in French for “Training in Engineering in Research Oriented Universities”. FIGURE is a network of 25 universities which have been accredited to deliver CMI degrees (102 CMIs will be opened in 2016/2017).

Set up in 2011 following a call for excellence initiatives in innovative teaching and training, FIGURE has designed a common set of criteria and indicators in order to ensure quality in university accreditation for each CMI. Universities, as members of FIGURE network, work together to share experiences and good practices to continuously improve the CMI prescriptive referential.

Governance of the network is organized so as to coordinate and guarantee CMI development and quality within the French higher education system.

Key criteria are :

  • comprehensive 5-year curricula;
  • strong link between teaching, training and research;
  • competences and skills required by the economic sector;
  • intercultural and international perspective;
  • Quality assurance (accreditation and follow up).

Accreditation of individual CMI is based on quantitative and qualitative indicators for both teaching and research and upon signature of the network charter.

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