The CMI baseline emphasizes strong interactions between students and research labs all along the 5-year programmes. Therefore each CMI is connected to at least one research lab and more often to a set of research labs working in the specialisation field.
The student cohort is restricted to a maximum number of 15-30 depending on the research lab capacity.
Research labs related to CMIs are listed in the individual CMI sheets.

Note: in France research organisation relies on quite large research labs, often associated with national research agencies. University professors, PhD students and full time researchers as well as engineers and technicians are responsible for CMI students supervision. Each research lab is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and by one or more national research organisation.

The French national research organisations support CMIs
• The most important research organisations such as CNRS, INRA and INSERM, fully support the FIGURE network initiative to strengthen the role of research in training engineers ;
• Academic, administrative and technical staff is involved in CMI students coaching and access to technical platforms and seminars. Design and follow up of projects and internships are also part of their tasks/missions. International mobility is also supported by research labs partners (universities and economic sector).



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