These goals in mind, a network of French universities (FIGURE**) has established specific, top-level, 5-year curricula leading to Master of Engineering degrees (known as CMI) in different fields. This new selective programme strenghtens the link between teaching, training and research with strong commitment of industry and businesses. Besides, during the 5-year training, student mobility is allowed within the university network.

Aware of the new requirements of the social and economic sectors for more diverse and innovative engineers, all universities of the network are committed to train the students in leading research laboratories with expert professors and researchers in science, technology, economic and human sciences.

Bachelor and master degrees are awarded by each university member of the network. Acting as a national accreditation body, the network also delivers a CMI special mention. Degrees and mentions are recognized by the French ministry of higher education and research as part of the global university accreditation process.

CMI has been selected by an international committee of experts in 2011 as the best IdEFI programme***(an excellence initiative for innovative training).

Pr. Lamine Boubakar
FIGURE Network

*: CMI: Cursus Master d’Ingénierie

**: Formation à l’InGénérie par des Universités de REcherche

IdEFI: “Initiative d’Excellence en Formations Innovantes”


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