CMI teaching and training is connected to the current and future needs of innovative engineering fields.
CMI provides students not only with technical performance but also competences and skills to adapt to an entrepreneurial environment. Therefore the triple helix concept of teaching-research-enterprises is fully implemented.
Many organisations support CMIs from large international groups to local SMEs and public institutions.

Representatives of partners participate in:

  • courses, case studies, projects and internships;
  • seminars and conferences;
  • site visits.

One important aspect is their participation in programme enhancement councils which are established for each CMI. Each year, these councils including professors, researchers and partner representatives, assess CMI curricula, student enrolment and academic results, professional integration of graduates. These councils make recommendations to continuously adapt the programmes.


International French companies (such as L’OREAL, SAFRAN, EDF) are also supporting the FIGURE network in terms of strategy and governance:

  • Prospective thinking to adapt for tomorrow challenges;
  • Evaluation of all network processes (accreditation, follow up, …).

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