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A CMI is a 5-year programme after high school to get a master degree and work as an innovative engineer.

Admission in the first year is based on previous transcript record and interview (distance interview is possible).
Maximum number of admitted students is variable depending on each CMI (between 15 and 30).
CMIs do not rely on national or local contests but on careful examination of student profile (previous high school record, motivation, critical thinking…).

A CMI student who passes all exams will be admitted in the Master degree no selection after admission. In case the student faces problems at the beginning of the programme he/she will still be registered to prepare regular bachelor degrees.

Begining of academic year in France is early September. All information for student’s enrolment from abroad may be found on the Campus France web site

Enrolment after a bachelor degree (or at B3 level) is possible but is restricted to students who have followed curricula close to the CMI baseline. Some programmes in France (bachelor, University Institute of Technology (IUT) degree, …) may have gateways to enter a CMI based on specific agreements (Please check).

Admission from abroad at a later stage of the programme has to be agreed on by a network committee.

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